Drink, Drugs & Democracy

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of October 2012 Steven Baker Conservative MP for Wycombe took up his placement with the Center For Social Justice’s ‘Inner City Challenge’.

Participants are challenged to spend 3 full days alongside some of the most effective and inspiring charities that are working in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. The following film shows first-hand, the transformative work Acorn Abstinence Service are doing with addicts from the Criminal Justice System to recover from addiction, rehabilitate and reintegrate as positive, productive and responsible members of their communities.

If you have been affected by addiction or know someone who has and would like further information on how to access treatment at Acorn Abstinence Services

Please contact:

Acorn Treatment

or Email us

or you can contact Acorn now on 0161 484 0000 to speak to someone directly…..all information supplied is dealt with in the strictest confidence.




  1. mick steff says:

    “The commitment to change”.

    What a fantastic film in so many ways. Both Heartbreaking and heartwarming :-) excellent job lads

  2. Jon Royle says:

    Great film, an inspiring testamnent to Acorn’s work and the power of recovery

  3. anthony gallagher says:

    Inspiring and emotional,encouragement wrote all over it!

  4. Zoe says:

    Very emotion documemtry and very touching as my brother is telling his story in it I love you jimmy never give up I’m proud of you love you always zoe x x

  5. Congratulations Paul and Bad Kamra – you have brilliantly captured and explained the work of Acorn Treatment as I experienced it.

  6. Derek L says:

    We should have more MPs like Steven Baker who puts themselves in the real world.
    I was put in borstal at a very young age for a short while just before the short sharp shock was introduced by Willie Whitelaw who was under Maggie Thatcher in 1979 for a number of crimes committed through drink.
    I totally agree with what was said about the government thinking that the minimum charging would fix it all because like I have said many times “if you want or need it bad enough” then nothing will stop you getting it.
    I once broke in to a house in broad daylight because I could see a half bottle of red wine through the kitchen window and I knew I had to have it, not giving a second thought to how the owners would feel, I didn’t take anything else, just drank the wine.
    I totally identified with the lads saying things like they just want to make amends and repay for some of their wrong doings.
    I also like and agree with what Steven Baker said about recovering addicts letting active addicts know that life is great without using.
    This is a truly brilliant bit of film and should be aired on the television in my view.
    Love to all
    Derek xxx

    Does anyone know the words to verse 6 of the poem as I have wrote it all down and it souds as though he says
    “when sorrow shoots your darts”
    I am sure it would not be that but I would like to know.
    Love to all
    Derek xxx

    • admin says:

      Howdy Derek…

      Thank you so much for your thoughts…

      The words to which you refer are actually lyrics to Hank Williams’ (The King of Country) song ‘Men with Broken Hearts’. The version here is an impromptu rendition by Porter Wagoner during an interview with producer Marty Stuart. Mr. Wagoner is another genius of the country music scene who recorded some beautiful & haunting songs during his lifetime and was also credited with discovering Dolly Parton, with whom he recorded and featured on his American TV show in the 60’s/70’s….. his talents seem to know no measure…(no-pun intended).
      The version included here can be found on the CD Porter Wagoner – Wagonmaster.

      You will find the Hank version here on Youtube…

      You’ll meet many just like me upon life’s busy street
      With shoulders stooped and heads bowed low and eyes that stare in defeat
      Or souls that live within the past where sorrow plays all parts
      Where a living death is all that’s left for men with broken hearts
      You have no right to be the judge to criticize and condemn
      Just think but for the grace of God it would be you instead of him
      One careless step a thoughtless deed and then the misery starts
      And to those who weep death comes cheap these men with broken hearts
      Oh so humble you should be when they come passing by
      For it’s written that the greatest men never get too big to cry
      Some lose faith in love and life when sorrow shoots her darts
      And with hope all gone they walk alone these men with broken hearts
      You’ve never walked in that man’s shoes or saw things through his eyes
      Or stood and watched with helpless hands while the heart inside you dies
      Some were paupers some were kings and some were masters of the arts
      But in their shame they’re all the same these men with broken hearts
      Life sometimes can be so cruel that a heart will pray for death
      God why must these living dead know pain with every breath
      So help your brother along the road no matter where he starts
      For the God that made you made them too these men with broken hearts

      Thanks again Derek.

      Bad Kamra.

  7. Tam Sweeney says:

    Powerfull message of recovery and hope ! Well done to all that we’re involved

    Well don bad kamra


  8. martin smith says:

    A truley moving and honest reflection of all the dediction from staff and service users who are connected with Acorn. Recovery in the community at its best and with people who society had once written off, amazing guys.
    A real professional job Badkamra

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